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As simple as that – we hear words and the words stay in us. Somewhere, deep there: some will hurt a little, some we won’t notice, some will eat through our soul, tearing it up.


13 years of friendship reflected through everything said; repetitions converted to time of exposure to acid. 


But you can’t just read the soul. Only when the soul decides to open up and prints (writes down) itself some marks become readable. Which ones is only for the soul to decide.



Everyone left me 

Call me right now 

Why am I to blame that I see the world that way?

No one understands me like you do

You’re the best person in my life 

Fuck that feelings if they don’t affect people 

I’m talking to you right now 

No time to search for cure

It’s unfair to my noble feelings 

I’m not getting what I want 

They see me as worthless cunt, who only thinks of myself 

Do I need to remind you that I’m right?

If I kill myself, I want them to know 

People love being humiliated by seeing success of others 

These are not just words 

You finally revealed that I’m a monster 

Convey to me that everything is alright 

It’ll be better if someone cared not about their pride and vanity 

You’ve put all power of your great mind to crush me

Sad, haven’t thought you’ll end up like that

You still surprised my mind is fucked?

I hate you

Take blame for the suicide, bitch

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