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Ana Osprey (Anastasiia Alekseevna Pilipenko, b. 1997, Moscow, Russia) is an artist currently pursuing her BFA at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.


Born to a family of scientists and engineers she surprised her relatives by showing intense interest in art scene from the earliest of age. Despite such a difference in her interests from anyone surrounding, her passion was accepted right away, since due to family tradition she bears the name of one of the ancestors and Ana's namesake happened to be the last of the artists in the family. As a result for her alias she translated the surname of that artist - completing the tradition further, and reviving presence of art in her bloodline.


Ana acquired her prior education in Art school #3, Moscow, where she got major training in drawing and painting skills. During her last year at high school she finished pre-foundation program in BHSAD, Moscow. Upon moving to Singapore, she discovered the printmaking processes that persist as her preferred method of experimenting with materials and techniques.

Encountering her work, one often detects traces of Ana's profound interest in the history of art, psychology, religion and medicine. However, she deems that her key interests lie more in self reflection and perception. She interrogates norms through her perspective and explores different artistic strategies to convey these optics of the world and the self.

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